Interactive Flat Panel

Interactive Flat Panel (IFP)
Displays that you can interact with touch, similar to a smart phone/tab, laptop or a desktop but much larger screen.
Comes with higher resolutions, helping this flat panel displays edge-out whiteboards in the interactive display market.

Touch Screen TV that comes internally with their own android OS by default, RAM and flash storage. Optionally you can slot in PC box that contain Windows OS, intel-processor, RAM and high speed SSD storage to maximise the usage of the Touch Screen TV to bring the laptop/desktop experience onto a larger display.

Although, you still can mirror your phone or laptop to the TV like a normal common new series TV. What's make it more useful, there is a software installed that can transform your Touch Screen TV onto a white/black board which it can be annotate by touch/softpen. You can either attached it to the (optional purchase).

Interactive TV Malaysia

Interactive TV/Flat Panel, works as your Desktop Computer and TV. The Interactive TV Malaysia touch screen is merging education and innovation for deeper-rooted application. Interactive TV Malaysia is developed in mind having a large LED display Malaysia with infrared touch screen capabilities with intelligence touch control for precise touch screen operation. The Interactive TV can be of many capabilities such as your computer with built-in android operating system as your operating system and PC-slots for windows (optional). Functions for school education, commercial business, social media concerns, public service announcements and many more possibilities in other fields.

Touch Screen TV

Touch Screen TV consists 10 or more multi touch point with highly-sensitive panel and tempered glass for the best experience with large outdoor display screen that is suitable for display terminals, which can be applied in various places such as shopping malls, education hubs, hotel lobbies, flight terminals and many more public places. With digital whiteboard built-in into the Interactive TV, Touch Screen TV provides high-sensitive touch screen whiteboard that allows the interactive pad to operate as a two-way communication between clients and customers. With providing the highest quality product in mind, our team has also ensured the device to be user friendly to allow operation with any additional trainings needed. The interactive panels also ensurethe highest quality being displayed with the least power consumption. The interactive TV can also display any information as you wish, being files in a computer, smart phone, or even a tablet. The interactive TV can share files between each another in real-time by its built-in wireless network, saving work and lowering cost to manually update or change files upon any new or updated information. The internal storage of the interactive TV also allows meeting minutes to be saved into its drive and then opening or exporting it in the future. This allows fast, easy, and reliable operation for project presentations or conference meetings. Aprt from touch screen TV, 4K projector Malaysia can increase the efficiency of overall work communication



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