Projector & Laser TV

4K Projector Malaysia, Full HD Projector and Projector Screens for Home and Office use. Projector with option system, 3LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and DLP (Digital Light Processing) which can be operated as light processing unit to enlarge and display content from your desktop or notebook through HDMI or USB source. The light will reflect color and display the content on to the screen. With specified screen and size, it will absorb or reflect any excess light to produce more vivid images and colors. 4k Projector Malaysia provides rock solid reliability and long lasting operation, unlike traditional lamp projectors, 4K Projector projects pictures immediately after being turned on, correspondingly they can be turned on and off again without much cooling needed and it does not damage the projector lamp as well. With its latest technology, the LED projector Malaysia requires little to none maintenance for up to 10 years. Unlike traditional lamp projectors which might encounter lamp burnouts or malfunctions, the LED Laser Projector is the new successor to its predecessor. Having no projector lamps to be changed or maintenance, the maintenance cost can then be reduced drastically.

4k Projector Malaysia has built-in sensors to persistently observe the changes of the light source and make changes in correlation to the white balance. This all helps to maintain excellent picture quality for a long period of time, suitable for indoor long hours of usage without hurting or tiring the human eye. Best placed in a dimmed room for best experience. Having a 4K Projector not only allows you to have the best visual experience, it also saves your eyes from being tired and dry after long hours of looking at it. LED Projectors can be hung up on the ceiling or also placed on a flat surface, providing flexible and convenient setup scenarios.

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