XY 4K Cinema Fixed Frame Projector Screen

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The projection screens developed and designed by XY Screens are elegant and stylish. Its simple and elegant appearance is also one of its most outstanding features, showing high-end quality.

The product structure is carefully conceived by our experienced designers. With special photographic materials, it perfectly solves the scattering problem of ambient light. It has a powerful viewing angle and a long service life. Its components are all in line with national standards and are harmless to the human body, whether it is the outer casing, fabrics or frame. XY Screens guarantees that there will be no pungent smell emitted for our products for they are totally odorless and environmentally-friendly.

Fixed Frame Projection Screen 60B Series
◆◆ Product  Description
XY screens Fixed Frame Screens are perfect for cinemas or any places where you need to fix the screen. It is enclosed in an attractive velvet wrapped lightweight aluminum alloy frame. HK60B Series Fixed Frame Screen provides excellent picture quality - Suitable for 4K&3D television/movies.
We offer various types of screen surfaces to suit your viewing environment.
HK60B - GF1
Installation is easy - With its easy and adjustable fabric spring system, our Fixed Frame Screen is perfectly and permanently tensioned, ensuring that the screen is as flat and level as the mirror. Special designed slim bracket for an easy click on installation, also available as an in-wall display. Therefore, the users are able to set up in seconds

◆◆ Product  Specification
Frame Material:    Aluminum Alloy
Housing Color:    Black
Size:    92",100",110",120".
Aspect Ratio:    16:9
Frame Width:    60mm
HD:    Yes
3D:    Yes
4K:    Different fabrics are optional
**Four Sided Tension Design - Spring System
The tension springs along with the fixing lugs stretching and tightening the fabric to make the screen surface completely flat and wrinkle-free
**In order to facilitate transport, horizontal frame of 120"+ will be jointed by two or three pieces to reduce the total length.
**Installation of HK60B Series**
    1. According to the quantity of the mounting brackets and appropriate distance, you should install the brackets at the suitable position on the wall with screws.
 2. Hang the screen on the wall.
Install the bottom bracket if necessary(If you need to fix the screen or find that the bottom of the screen does not fit perfectly on the wall, please follow the steps below.
 1. Take out the bottom bracket(Please note that the mounting position is different for different frames.)
 2. Gently lift the bottom of the screen, use the bottom bracket to hook the slot position of the frame.
 3. Tighten a screw and installation completed.

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