Ken Kreisel KS500 3D Surround Speaker (Single)


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KS500: Dimension: 255 x 192.4 x 160mm (HxWxD)
Weight: 4.37 kg
Frequency Response: 65Hz-30kHz (±2dB)
Sensitivity: 85dB
Impedance: 4 ohm
Recommended Amplifier Output: 20-180W
SPL(1 meter, 10 Secs): 108dB
Front Drivers: 27mm Pro Tube Tweeter x 1, 4" High Sensitivity Midrange Driver x 1
Side Drivers: 3" Full Range Driver x 2
Cabinet Design: Sealed
Crossover: Phase Focused Design
Pro Tube Tweeter: Yes
3D Tripole Surround:Yes
Finishes: Matte Black

The KS500 is the surround speaker companion of the K500. Utilizing Ken Kreisel invented tripole design, KS500 radiates sound three-way. This 180-degree arrangement produces a full immersion sound even in small spaces. The results are excellent ambient effects and realistic rear presentation and perfect for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound.

KS500 can operate in three modes: TriFx™(3D Tripole Sound), Dipole(sound from the side only), and Direct Radiator(sound from the front only). You can select these modes by inserting or removing a jumper on the back of the speaker. Ken Kreisel recommends that most users set the speaker at the TriFX™ to obtain the broadest possible surround listening sweet spot with pinpoint location accuracy.

KS500 has one 27mm pro tube tweeter, one 4" high sensitivity midrange driver on the front, and two 3" full-range drivers on the side.


All Ken Kreisel Subwoofers and Satellites are sealed design. While most speakers nowadays adopt the vented(bass-reflex) design to squeeze more bass out but at the same time makes the sound muddier and sloppier, KK speakers insist on using the sealed design to deliver the more accurate, punchier, and tighter sound.

Sealed design enables you to experience the clean and authoritative deep bass and ultra-fast transient response. Unlike the vented design, which may play fairly loud but boomy, Ken Kreisel speakers are well controlled. The more precise sound, superior definition, textures and faithful music reproduction are why Ken Kreisel speakers are loved by many professional musicians, audio engineers, and sound enthusiasts.


A complete Ken Kreisel system requires the satellite speakers and the subwoofers to both participate in sound reproduction. The system can minimize weak bass, incorrect phase, and baffle diffraction distortions often found in conventional full-range systems. Every listening room is different and has a significant influence on sound quality. With the Ken Kreisel satellite/subwoofer system, you can easily locate the satellites at the best place for imaging and the subwoofers at the best position for strong bass. The high flexibility and the smooth integration of Ken Kreisel subwoofers and satellites enable one to achieve the best possible sound in any room, resulting in an open, natural three-dimensional sound.

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