Focal Little Bird Ultra-compact Satellite Speakers (Black)


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Tired of big, bulky speakers ruining your décor? Focal's Little Bird speakers guarantee hi-fi sound from an ultra-compact enclosure. Measuring little more than the size of a soda can, the distinctive, curved Little Birds are meant to both complement and blend in with your lifestyle. Best of all, you don't have to give up sound quality for the gain in visual appeal: careful engineering went into these gems, allowing them to fill your room with clear and powerful sound. Use them to enjoy high-quality stereo music in your kitchen or home office, or put together a compact multichannel sound system for a larger home theater or great room.

Relax and unwind to the sound of the Little Birds

Focal has a worldwide reputation for making first-class loudspeakers, and the Little Birds are no exception. Each Little Bird speaker features a carefully engineered design with a 3/4" aluminum dome tweeter mounted above a 4" woofer. This combination allows the Little Birds to produce sound that's crisp and musical, while maintaining stylishly compact proportions. Just add a subwoofer to enjoy hi-fi stereo music with your computer, television, and more.


Easy to place around your home

Everything about the Little Bird speakers has been designed to allow you to easily integrate them into your unique lifestyle. Each speaker comes with two different stands — a tripod-style "Cocotte" base and a round "Tulipe" base — so you can tailor the look of your Little Bird speaker system to your home. Both stands attach to the Little Bird speaker using a ball-and-socket joint that lets you adjust the speaker to radiate sound in whatever direction you choose. Position them on a table or bookshelf, and use the hidden cable pass-through for a clean look. You can also add optional speaker stands to position them at ear level in front of your couch or favorite listening chair. Or use the integrated in-wall/in-ceiling fixture to mount the Little Birds around your home for room-filling sound.

Product highlights:

  • frequency response 89-25,000 Hz (±3 dB)
  • recommended amplifier power: 15-75 watts
  • sensitivity: 87 dB
  • impedance: 8 ohms
  • 3/4" aluminum dome tweeter
  • 4" polyflex woofer
  • spring-post speaker terminals
  • includes flexible "cocotte" tripod and classic "tulipe" stands for optional wall, ceiling, or table mounting
  • 4-11/16"W x 8"H x 4-11/16"D (when used with "tulipe" stand)
  • weight: 1.65 lbs.

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