Nectunt R50 Invisible Laser Cinema Smart TV Cabinet Hidden Home Theater

RM24,800.00 - RM28,800.00

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Design & Technology From Italy
2024 Latest Model
Premium Dark Sky Grey
Aluminum Plate & Streamer Light Strip

Smart concealment, one click control, making home life unique

Extra Large Viewing Angle
Flat Curtain Surface No Installation Required
Synchronized screen automatically rises or falls when the laser TV is turned on or off picture following technology synchronizes and matches the picture to the screen. Micro-optical structure prevents more than 90% of ambient light from interfering with the picture. With a wide viewing angle of 160', you can enjoy exciting blockbusters during the day.

Premium Dark Sky Gray With Cool Light Strip
Streaming colorful dynamic light effects, full of am-bience, seconds to become a high-grade.

Hidden Movie Theater At Home
A key to start a wonderful life, home to enjoy the big screen theater. One click to turn off the movie. R50 becomes a work of art in your living room.

Using The Diffuse Reflection Imaging Principle
Healthy Eye Care
Different from the traditional TV direct light source. Reduces the stimulation of light source to the eyes, protects the eyes, more comfortable and healthy for long time movie watching.

Multi-Scenario Use Without Taking Up Space
No need to drill holes in the wall, you can change the position as you like. Perfect for bedroom, living room, conference room or theater.

Efficient And Slient Cooling Fan
Equipped with a silent colling fan, heat dissipation is no longer a problem, and movie watching is not disturbed by noise.

Large Strage Capacity
Clean And Cozy Space
Easily store a variety of items to meet daily storage needs, storage is organized.

No More Cluttered Wiring Of AV Equipment
Reserve threading holes and hollow back panel, convenient for connecting wires of various devices. Neat and orderly interspersed, so that the cabinet space is no longer cluttered with wires.

Material: Patented Module T90 & Aluminum Material & Streaming Light Strip
Adaptive Size: 100"
Cabinet Colour: Dark Sky Grey
Screen Size: 2214*1245*1588mm
Combined Size: 2460*595*350mm

Package include:1*integration TV cabinet,  1*floor rising screen

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