NECTUNT S8 Smart Intelligent Electric Invisible UST Projector TV Cabinet

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About this item

    【Hidden design】The projector is installed inside the module, which will not take up extra space on the TV cabinet tabletop, and the hidden installation is more beautiful.
    【One-button control】You only need to use the remote control of the projector to turn it on/off, and then you can slide out/back the smart module. The operation is simple, no app and complicated procedures are required.
    【High safety performance】 Equipped with an intelligent anti-collision system. During the sliding out of the module, if there is an unexpected obstacle, the module will stop sliding out, and the safety performance is high.
    【Automatic module】Electric slide-out design, which solves the problem of insufficient projection distance of traditional TV cabinets and projectors
    【Memory function】After the initial setting is completed, the slide-out distance of the module will be automatically saved, and there is no need to repeatedly adjust the projection distance in future use, which is very convenient.

Product Description

Classic Aesthetic Design, Intelligent One-Button Control,Improve Your Quality Of Life!

    It can well solve the problems that the SUT projector is easy to move during use, the projection distance is insufficient, and it is touched by mistake.
    The classic shape and hidden design can be well integrated with various furniture styles, suitable for different home decoration styles.
    One-button electric automatic control, synchronous link with the projector, you only need to use your projector remote control to turn it on and off, it is very convenient to use, and there is no need to manually adjust the position of the ust projector frequently.
    With intelligent anti-collision and anti-pinch functions, if there are pets or other objects in the process of sliding out of the smart module, it will automatically stop sliding out, which greatly enhances the safety of use.
    Suitable for over 90% of laser televisions on the market, widely compatible with 88 "-120" screens.
    Material: Panel: Rock Plate;Cabinet body: solid wood+steel material;Cabinet door: aluminum alloy+diamond glass
    Size: Fit for 88 "-100"screen:86.61*17.71*16.53in,94.49*17.71*16.53in,110.23*17.71*16.53in,125.98*17.71*16.53in

Fit for 100 "-120"screen:86.61*19.68*16.53in, 94.49*19.68*16.53in,110.23*19.68*16.53in,125.98*19.68*16.53in

Note:The maximum distance will vary depending on the projector brand.You can calculate according to the installation distance of the projector.

If you are not sure whether it can be used, you can also send us the specific brand, model, and installation distance data of your projector.

Dimensions ( W x D x H)
2400 x 450 x 420 mm
2800 x 450 x 420 mm
3200 x 450 x 420 mm


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