Palic SP-98 18AWG Speaker Cable 100Meter


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Palic Designed By Australia
High Performance Speaker Cable

Palic Sapphire 98 roots go all the way back to the late 90s. The Fundamental geometry and conduct or compliment of Sapphire 98 hasn't changed since 2008 because any change to the size or position of the Sapphire series Spread-Spectrum conductor arrangement would reduce performance. Sapphire 98 employs Carbon-Loaded insulation(absorbs RF) on the negative conductors and Nitrogen-Injected PE(minimal dielectric involvement) on the positive conductors. In addition, Sapphire 98 includes 99.99% Coopper conductors.

1. We use high purity materials for conductors, less transmission signal attenuation, not easy to loss the loss of signal, high transmission rate, etc;
2. The sheath an insulation of our products adopts environment-friendly plastic material, with wear resistant, acid & alkali resistant, oil resistant, long-working life, etc;
3. Precise coding and length mark are printed on the product surface to ensure accurate length
4. The packing through full inspection of electrical performance to ensure high-quality

-Speaker Cable
- Conductor: OFC (90/0.10mmBC) x 2F
-Wire Gauge - 18 AWG
- Insulation: PE + PVC
Diameter: 3.5mm * 7 mm
-Length: 100M

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