YBA Signature Mono Power Amplifier


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The most recent product added to the Signature range, this mono amplifier is truly for the most uncompromising audiophile. It is the pinnacle of research carried out for design, development and manufacturing.  Signature provides a rarely seen standard of excellence and is acknowledged for its uncompromising high fidelity reproduction.

The choice of materials is an important part of the design of YBA amplifiers. The chassis of the Signature is made from a block of aluminum milled in the mass. Besides absolute rigidity, it also allows different internal boundaries free from electro-magnetic interference.

This mechanical structure allows mounting on 2 levels of components that are fixed on either side of the central portion! The transistors are mounted on a solid aluminium block with special mica wafers, which improves heat dissipation to avoid thermal distortions.

All of the materials used to manufacture for YBA electronics are non-magnetic. The selections and tests of the French manufactured components, are more precise to avoid any unbalanced effect and increase reliability.

YBA Signature transistors are specially selected in order to be perfectly matched. The mono amplifier is a derivative of the stereo power amplifier.

Product type : Mono Power Amplifier, Power Amplifier
Audio Outputs : 1 speaker output (can be single wired or bi-wired)
Power Outputs : Mono 200W @ 8Ω per channel Mono 400W @ 4Ω per channel
SNR : >95dB
Frequency Response : 20Hz – 20kHz (-0.5dB)
THD+N (20Hz - 20kHz)  : <0.1%
Inputs : 1 RCA, 1 Balanced Input (Stereo) 1 Balanced Input (Mono)
Power Supply : Linear power supply with high performance UI-CORE Transformer 1000VA
Standby Power Consumption  : <0.5W
Color / Finish : Natural aluminium
Dimensions (w x d x h) : 430 x 390 x 170mm
Weight : 42.5 kg

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