Hising Karaoke Sound Bar, Family Karaoke/Theather,Excellent Sound Quality (1 Year Warranty)


Quantity: 10



Weight(grams): 1000

Dimension: 56 cm (Length) x 32 cm (Width) x 25 cm (Height)

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🌟 HISING M100 Karaoke System Soundbar🌟
2024/6 Version, Family Karaoke, Home Theather, Auto Update, PPM Approved,  Excellent Sound Quality (1 Year Warranty)

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🔥 The all-new KTV Sound System Hising M100 🔥
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You absolutely cannot miss the extraordinary experience of the HISING M100, the standout in all-in-one karaoke systems, guaranteed to captivate you.

⚠ Major Highlights ⚠
✅ For just RM1699, you can easily set up a home KTV, enjoying high-quality sound and HD video.
✅ Sing karaoke without an internet connection. With a built-in Malaysian server song download system. Access over 600,000 popular songs from Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe, America and other countries.
✅ Genuine PPM Licensed, free downloads/ updates songs for lifetime. The Hising karaoke system has no annual fees and no hidden charges. Besides singing karaoke, you can also listen to music and watch YouTube.

➡ 2 * 4" mid-range speakers, 2 * 2" tweeters, 1* 6.5" subwoofer
➡ Built-in 64GB TF card for songs storing (up-gradeable)
➡ A pair of high-quality U-band microphones
➡ Built-in local Karaoke software, YouTube, and other apps
➡ Hand phone, remote control, voice control song request
➡ Bluetooth, optical input, USB playback
➡ 2,000++ new songs updated monthly, free to download
➡ Home PPM song copyright, original MTV, legally used
➡ 100% local server, localized song library, secure and free

Hising Karaoke System developed and provided by Malaysia K-Master Karaoke System

*Power Supply: 110V-240V 50/60HZ
*Output Power: 15Wx2 / 50Wx1
*Bluetooth Version: 5.0
*Bluetooth Range: ≥ 10m
*Frequency Response: 40Hz - 20KHz
*Signal-to-Noise Ratio: ≥80db
*Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤1%
*Drivers: (Low Frequency) 6.5" x1 + 4" x2 + (High Frequency) 2" x2
*Display: 4 * 8-Digit LCD Displays (Center)
*Dimensions: (L)490 x (D)252 x (H)170mm


🌟 HISING M100卡拉OK音箱一体机🌟

音质超越市场同类,价格 RM3000 以下产品!

🔥 全新KTV音箱一体机 Hising M100 🔥
💥 6月重磅出击,引领卡拉OK新潮流!

您绝对不能错过HISING M100的非凡体验,它是卡拉OK音箱一体机中的佼佼者,保证让您爱不释手。

⚠ 三大亮点 ⚠
✅ 仅需RM1699,您就能轻松打造家庭KTV,享受高品质音效~高清画面。
✅ 无需联网也能唱卡拉OK,内置马来西亚服务器点歌系统。拥有超过60万首来自马来西亚,中国、香港、台湾、欧美等国家的热门歌曲。
✅ PPM正版歌曲,永久免费下载。卡拉OK娱乐一体机,无年费,无隐藏收费。除了唱卡拉OK,还可以听音乐和观看YouTube。

➡ 两颗4英寸中音扬声器,两颗2英寸高音扬声器,一颗6.5英寸低音炮
➡ 内置64GB TF卡存储常点歌曲(可升级容量)
➡ 一对高品质U频段无线麦克风
➡ 内置本地KTV点歌软件,YouTube及其他应用程序
➡ 手机点歌,遥控点歌,语音点歌,评分歌曲
➡ 蓝牙播放,光纤输入,USB播放
➡ 每月至少更新2000首新歌,免费下载
➡ 家用PPM歌曲版权,原版MTV,合法使用
➡ 100%本地服务器,本地化歌曲库,安全免费

Hising卡拉OK系统 由 马来西亚K-Master卡拉OK系统研发及提供

*电源供应:110V-240V 50/60HZ
*输出功率:15Wx2 / 50Wx1
*蓝牙范围:≥ 60m
*频率响应:40Hz - 20KHz
*驱动器:(低频)6.5" x1 + 4" x2 + (高频)2" x2
*尺寸:(长)490 x (深)252 x (高)170mm

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