Vicoustic's MD55 panel is an easy-to-install, cost-effective solution for any kind of room requiring acoustic absorption treatment. The panel is extremely versatile, offering a precise combination of absorption and diffusion. Suitable for use in both small and large spaces, the MD55 panels can either be used in a pattern, or as a single units.

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Orisun Acoustics SP-4089
manufacturer & engineering by USA
Silicone Pad

Anti-Vibration Isolation Pad



0.4 x 89mm
4pcs Per Box

Orisun Heavy Duty Levitation Feet for hi-fi.

Made from polished Stainless Steel, T6061 Aluminum, Zirconia Ceramic precision balls, plus Silicone Cushionto accurate tolerances. They are designed to look fabulous and considerably reduce vibration in all hi-fi equipment.You will notice an immediate improvement to the sound quality.

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These stands for HiFi equipment and speakers effectively absorb the vibrations of your equipment. They are composed of a silicone pad, encased in a composite resin part, all held by an aluminum alloy structure.

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304 Stainless Steel
Shockproof Silicon Layer
Proudly Designed in the USA
Outer Diameter:50mm; Thickness:15mm;
T6061 Aluminum Alloy Base
Weight 88g
Max Load 100KG

Heavy Duty Levitation Feet for hi-fi.
Made from polished Stainless Steel, T6061 Aluminum to accurate tolerances.

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Speaker Cable 6ft (PAIR) with Rhodium Plated Carbon Fiber Banana Plug
Conductors per cable 2
Strand diameter (mm) 0.254


High-quality spike set, which prevents the undesired vibration transmission of loud speakers to the ground.

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