Floor Standing Digital Signage

Floor Standing Digital Signages
Digital displays use technologies such as LCD to display digital images, video etc.
Used As a network of electronic displays that are individually addressable for the display.

Floor standing signage comes with own and android OS,RAM, flash storage and a speaker that enough to play advertisment content by using pendrive or a harddisk.
No hacking is needed since it comes with their own stand and cover to protect the display tv.

Vertically from the ground make these display special to attract people to see the content and it can be played countinously sice it manufactured for a durability set.


LED Signage

LED Signage Malaysia, LED modules can be cabinet screen for indoor and outdoor display. Save energy light-emitting diode (LED) stuff together into a small module which can be fixed into a cabinet and to be arranged as pre-defined or customized sizes from small to large screen. LED Displays enables you to propagate your message to the public utilizing small or large screens, bright displays and also rich in color. LED screen Malaysia is also fully customizable for its size, ranging from small ambient designs to massive outdoor LED Displays, to suit your needs. Various contents can be displayed on the LED screens to attract and capture the attention of the audience or broadcast the message that the user would like to spread across. The LED signage Malaysia comes in various sizes, they are generally distinguished by their pixel pitch which is the gap between two LED pixels. The smaller the gap, the more refined the visual experience would be. But for Outdoor LED screens to be viewed, larger pixel pitch is to be used. Indoor LED signage modules ranges from P2, P2.5, P3, and also P4 modules. Outdoor LED Modules includes P6, P8 and also P10. Outdoor LED also requires custom made structure to support the load of the LED screens.

Outdoor LED screens requires careful planning before deploying the screen onto its intended place, having careful and detailed planning allows the installation of the LED screen to be smooth and also planned maintenance to be scheduled. Outdoor LED screens are built to withstand harsh environment such as strong wind, heavy down pours of rainy especially in a tropical country and also the burning sun. Though it is built in mind to withstand all these scenarios it would also require maintenance from time to time, having a professional team to deploy and maintain your LED screen is also an important factor.


LED Signage Use for Offices

LED processors can also convert most formats of content to be displayed on the LED screen with the matched resolution. LED processors also allows multiple devices to be input into the processor and switched in between them. Some models also support PIP (Picture in Picture) that allows the user to display contents on top of each other. LED signage can be great for your office, stores, tall building digital LED signages and many more! Contact us today to schedule for a site visit to know more about interactive TV Malaysia.

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